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    Magnatune: we are not evil
    We offer a unique music collection. Every month, 300 musicians send us their music. We choose the best 3% and give you plete access. You save time. Great artists get paid.
    Instantly build yourself an awesome collection of music in hard to find genres such as classical, world, jazz, new age.
    Unlimited downloads in your favorite formats
    Unlimited streaming from anywhere, forever, without mercials, with no monthly fees.
    Legally share our music with your friends and family.
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    New albums:
    1. Distinct Selection by Sasha Merkulov: Ethnic new age, groove, meditation, sitar, ambient
    2. Forest Tales by Monom: Ethnic house music, world music, electronic, chillout, latino, oriental, far-east, australia and europe
    3. Massive Love by Mokhov: Sounds like four tet + boards of canada
    4. Shoreline 303 by Dubtrak: Unique blends of dub, global beats and downtempo ambient electronica
    5. Jupiter Melodies by Mokhov: Sounds like four tet + boards of canada
    6. Mahadeva by Love Amplifier: Lose yourself in the electronic
    7. Shapeshifters by Curl: Groovy, french downtempo electro-rock songs
    8. Roadside Sketches by Art Sonic: Acoustic guitar folktronica with elements of ambient atmospheric americana
    9. Les Plaintes de Psyche by Mauricio Buraglia: A marvelous classical spiral of lute sounds
    10. Synchronicity by Ion: Clean, crystalline ambient
    Popular albums:
    1. Reclaimed Property by Kalabi: Chillout music for late nights and early mornings
    2. Relaxation Spa by pilation: The best music from magnatune
    3. Downtempo Chill by DJ Cary: Chill out pilations built from magnatune music
    4. Auralei by Artemis: Alternative / downtempo / electro-pop
    5. Moonrise by Yongen: Transnational dream pop luxury
    6. Mixter One by Lisa DeBenedictis: Lilting, textural alt-pop
    7. Themes For Your Imagination - vol 1 by John Cabrera: Lush, deeply moving, cinematic soundscapes and soaring musical themes for your daily eargasm
    8. Datacube by Jarkko Hietanen: Cinematic poser with an electronic past
    9. Transcend to Void by Thomas Otten: Captivating countertenor mixed with shakuhachi form japan
    10. Translucent by hands upon black earth: Solid, sensual, organic, languorous electronic music